HVAC Temperature Sensors – Thermistor

Constantly working on new prototypes along with our customers to meet the high demands of today ‘s requirements. Applications and future ones. We sell a wide variety of packages of NTC HVAC Sensors, known for their long-term stability and Precise measurements.

The NTC Thermistor is a ceramic semiconductor made of different metal oxides. With rising temperature their electrical resistance is decreasing. To provide temperature measurement this resistance is processed by an electronic circuit. While a bimetallic thermostat provides both temperature sensing and electrical circuit control, an NTC Thermistor does not itself have any control over heating elements, relays, etc. A Thermistor is a sensor and an electrical control device. The circuit that uses the sensor will have to implement it.

For those applications that need more comprehensive sensing than the one or two temperature points usually provided by a bimetallic thermostat, NTC Sensors provide inexpensive, reliable and precise solutions. NTC sensors provide a change in temperature resistance which, when combined with an electronic circuit, provides a means for continuity temperature measurement over a wide range.

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